Artwork by Darley Sackitey

Artwork by Darley Sackitey


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Founded in 1965, as an extension of the Dartmouth College Afro-American Society, Black Praxis began as a student newspaper. Steeped in Dartmouth’s communities, the newspaper covered campus news, engaged in editorial debates with the Dartmouth Review, and imparted advice and survival tips to its student readers. Decades later, in 2011, the publication experienced a major transition from print to digital, taking on a new life online. A few years in, after its leaders graduated, Black Praxis went dormant. In 2016, Black students again revived and reimagined Black Praxis for a new generation of Dartmouth students. Upholding the publication's legacy, the leaders of Black Praxis are committed to providing a space to cultivate discourse and celebrate Black creativity.

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