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Three's Company

Unlike the boy bands of pop, hardcore rock, and classical ensembles, rap groups have become few and far between within the hip hop industry. How did the genre that originally started as one of duos and groups comprised of an emcee, DJ, and hype man such as Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5, Cypress Hill, and Run DMC become so isolated?

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Kimora Lee Simmons, the Return of Baby Phat, and The Fabulous 2000s

On International Women’s Day, March 7, it was announced that Baby Phat, the urban women’s wear brand, and brainchild of Kimora Lee Simmons, that notoriously married denims with golds, rhinestones, and sequins, was scheduled to relaunch in the summer of 2019.  If you may recall, fashion model, designer, and business mogul Kimora Lee Simmons owned the early aughts. As the founder and creative director of Baby Phat, Simmons earned a nation’s attention for her extravagant and hip-hop infused vision of life, fashion, and the so-called “fabulous.”

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The Yeehaw Agenda: The Rise of South-Western Fashions and The Meaning of the Black Cowboy

On the emergence of the Black Cowboy and Solange’s most recent work, When I Get Home

In When I Get Home, Solange’s 2019 follow-up to her Grammy award-winning album A Seat at the Table, images of Black cowboys are intermixed with images of techno futures and the sprawling metropolis of Houston, Texas. Centering Blackness in the imagery of Southern rodeos, jockeying, and horseback riding, the visual album features Solange and an assortment of others in the aesthetic trappings of the Southwestern United States.

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Ladies of Citrus

Sam West provides a closer look into the creation of the play, Citrus, as a participating actress and through a series of interviews with the Black women who were instrumental to bringing the production to fruition.

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