PWI Frat Parties: 15 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Go Out

It’s Saturday night again. After a long week of classes, practices, and meetings, you’re ready to go blow off some steam with your girls, but are you ready to suffer through another night of terrible music and even worse dancing? Here are 15 all too relatable things that happen when you go out at PWI's.

1. The pregame is lit. Your Fenty Beauty highlight has you looking like a snack-- what could possibly go wrong?

2. So the party is about to start and you all know it won’t be fun, but you’re going anyway. 

3. There’s a long line when you get there. And then you realize the only black people there are the ones with you.

4. You’re strongly considering leaving, but you made it this far so you might as well stick it out.

5. You walk in and the music is not poppin’. It’s some form of EDM, Katy Perry or Early 2000’s pop punk. Everytime We Touch is on replay. They somehow still know the dance from trips by heart.

6. You and your girls attempt to give it a shot, but you can't hide your irritation as offbeat arms come flailing into your space and Keystone Light is sloshed on you. 

7. Finally, Bodak Yellow comes on, and you know that someone, somewhere, somehow has finessed the aux and is finally going to play good music.

8. Then you realize Cardi B is about to say "nigga" and you and your girls start frantically looking around just waiting for someone to say it.

9. You truly want to believe people will be sensible enough to censor themselves.

10. They don’t.

11.  The whole basement looks like this.

12. That's how you know it's time to leave.

13. You find refuge back in your girl's room and actually have the time of your life just talking all night. You wonder why you ever decided to go out in the first place.

14. But you do this again, weekend after weekend, until you realize...

15. You'll just wait for the Shabazz party next time!