Spotlight: Amari Young '21

Amari Young Amari Young is a ‘21 who claims Atlanta, Georgia as her hometown but moved around throughout childhood as part of a military family. After attending dimensions, Amari decided to come to Dartmouth because she liked the small class sizes and the other students she met during her visit. When Amari first arrived at Dartmouth, she was hesitant to get involved with campus life. She remembers thinking about auditioning for an acapella group but shying away from it instead. Despite her initial distress, Amari eventually decided to overcome her fears and she got more involved with student clubs and performance groups after her first quarter. Her confidence paid off and she is grateful that she is giving herself the chance to live her life to the fullest.

“I decided that I was tired of letting fear control my life. I have really let it get in the way of so many things,” said Amari. “But life is short and I have to take advantage of it. I want to make sure that I get a chance to explore every interest, no matter how small, because I never had that chance in high school.”

Now, Amari is involved with many campus organizations: Gospel Choir, Music in Color, Dartmouth Idol, Voices, and Philosophy Club. She believes that her experience with these clubs, especially Gospel Choir, have helped her to grow and mature over the course of her Dartmouth experience. These groups have been particularly important to her because of their nurturing environment. She has always loved music and theatre but never before considered herself an artist. However, when she first joined they “felt accessible because they did not require that I have any formal experience,” Amari said with a bright smile.

By getting involved, Amari feels like she has learned a lot about the college and wants to do more to affect change on campus. She says she often jokes with her friends about how “we’re basically sophomores now” because the quarters go by so fast. With a better understanding of campus life and the confidence to become more active in student life, Amari says she wants to run for student assembly next year.

“I want to work toward some goal that is bigger than myself and want to see more social justice within student assembly. I think this is the point in your life when you are supposed to figure out who you are and what you stand for. It is important that people who are for the greater good have a voice on this campus. Instead of waiting around for someone else to start it, I want to be the one to help out because I am passionate and capable.”

Overall, Amari has enjoyed her campus involvements thus far. For those out there who are interested in getting more involved on campus, but are letting fear get in the way of following through, she recommends taking that first small step then letting yourself soar. “You have to find it within yourself to just try anything. I did not know what any of these groups would be about until I went and tried them out. That is easier said than done, I know, but if you hear or see something that peaks even the smallest interest you should go for it because it could turn into something bigger.”

To follow what Amari is doing, check out the Dartmouth Idol Semi Finals on February 2nd at 8pm, and the Voices show on March 6th at 7pm. Both shows will take place at Spaulding Auditorium. Check the Hop’s website for tickets.

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