Spotlight: Rachel Favors '18

Spotlight: Rachel Favors '18Rachel Favors is an ‘18 from Tampa, Florida. On campus, she works at the Dean's office as a Dean's Office Student Consultant (DOSC), the Rockefeller Center, and is involved in her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha. Though this is a refined list of activities, over the years at Dartmouth, Rachel has also been in Student Assembly, The Dartmouth Newspaper, and was a DREAM volunteer. Black Praxis spoke to Rachel about finding her place on campus and how she settled into her campus involvements by her senior year. Before Rachel got to Dartmouth, her eyes were on the Rockefeller Center. She describes herself as a “super-planner” and looked up programs that she wanted to be involved with on campus while still in high school. Drawn to the First Year Fellows program, Rachel went on the Rockefeller center’s website to find out what requirements she would have to meet to be considered for the program. By the time she arrived on campus, Rachel had a plan and was able to apply to First Year Fellows. Rachel was accepted to the program and got to do an internship in DC with the office of nuclear energy in the summer after her Freshman year.  

“After that I have loved Rocky ever since,” said Rachel about her experience. “Rocky has been a really good resource for all of my Dartmouth career really started here.”  She continued to be involved by participating in the Management and Leadership Development program, worked for Elizabeth Celtrick, then got funding for living expenses for an unpaid government internship during the summer after her junior year. “I am a very goal oriented person. Whatever I do, I always look at what it is and what steps I need to get there.”

Rachel admits that she was not always clear on what path she ultimately wanted to take when she came into Dartmouth. This led her to jump in and explore other activities to discover her interests. Rachel explained more about how she navigated her Dartmouth experience, saying “I actually wanted to be pre-med when I first came here. Obviously not what I am interested in now. I have always been interested in writing, so that is why I got involved with the D, but I realized that journalism isn’t really for me.” She went on to explore academic writing through an independent study with the history department. Then, as she got more involved with Rocky she realized that her passion was policy writing and thought about going to law school. “I think I was just trying to figure out what career would be interesting to me...and figuring it out from there.”

Rachel also reflected on her decision to become involved with the Dean’s office as a DOSC.  “When I first got to Dartmouth I felt that I did not have a mentoring relationship...I wanted to be a resource to students, and especially minority students, to help them find the resources they need...As a student coming from public school, I felt that there was a large learning curve and we had to navigate this without having someone to shepherd us through the process. I also wanted to be someone to give them advice.” In the past, she had gotten emails from other students that saw what she was doing at Rocky and she was more than willing to help. She feels that students and professors alike are often willing to help out and give advice but students are often hesitant to reach out. She wants to help point students to the resources she has found but would not necessarily think about.

Next year, Rachel hopes to go back home to Florida to prepare for the LSAT and apply to law school. While she is there she hopes to get involved with her community and her former school to help educate students about college and the importance of education.

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