Black Praxis is a digital publication revived and reimagined for a new generation of Dartmouth students. A synthesis of editorial and visual expressions, each issue strives to cultivate discourse within our community and celebrate the beauty and diversity of Black creativity.  

The Nature Issue

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—issue no. 1

From the Editors

In the Fall of 2017, Black Praxis was revived as an online publication that featured exclusive content from a staff of student writers, photographers, models, and visual artists. Alongside submissions from the larger student body, our site published semi-weekly editorial content and a highly anticipated termly photoshoot.  

One year later, our beloved publication underwent a rebirth. In an effort to embrace the evolution of our content, we shifted to an issue-based model that places our visual projects and editorial works in conversation with one another. Each term, Black Praxis will center its creative efforts around addressing a topic or theme that we believe to be relevant to the communities our readers belong to.

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want to get involved?

Join our crew of amazing creative voices! Every member is given the space to create authentically and leave their unique mark on this publication. There are opportunities to make your own waves in editorial, design, and public relations. What are you waiting for? Applications are due September 15th.

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the archives

Explore our work since relaunching in 2017 while you wait for Issue No.1