Black Praxis is now accepting new members! We are looking to grow our staff in order to continue carrying out our vision for this publication. If you are creative, looking for a way to gain experience, and eager to make an impact on campus, you are highly encouraged to apply! 

for any questions, e-mail black.praxis@dartmouth.edu


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The news section provides reported pieces of global events and happenings at Dartmouth that may be relevant to Black communities. From covering the campus visit of a prominent Black voice to sharing news about the ever-shifting political and social climates at Dartmouth and around the world, our readers are able to stay informed about what matters most to them.

Arts & Culture

Through op-eds, essays, critiques, and commentary, the arts and culture section brings pop culture, politics, art, and issues pertaining to Black communities at Dartmouth and beyond to the forefront of discussion.


The lifestyle section brings together a multitude of perspectives to provide insight into what life is like at Dartmouth and into the lives of individuals who make up the Black communities on campus. With personal narratives, reflective pieces, bits of wisdom, and more, current and prospective students can explore the dimensions that exist within and form the Black student body.

Fresh Takes

These are your quick reads, tongue-in-cheek articles, and other forms of lighthearted, multimedia content regarding Dartmouth life that depart from your traditional editorial pieces.



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Our design team is responsible for creating the visual experiences across all media platforms. Photos, videos, graphics, and other visual art serve to complement our editorial content but also have the opportunity to become their own entities through stand alone videos, photo documentaries, and more.




Graphic Design/Illustration


Public Relations

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Social Media and Brand Management

Brand managers are in charge of creating a cohesive brand experience that expands beyond Black Praxis’s website. These responsibilities include running social media accounts, coordinating the promotion of events and campaigns, and interacting with our readers. Managers are also in charge of creating weekly newsletters to be sent out to campus.

Event Planning

Event planners coordinate events hosted or co-hosted by Black Praxis as well as staff-only events. Potential occasions include open mics, bringing a Black creative to speak to our readers and staff, and staff retreats.